Why Men Love Singaporean Escorts Over Other Nationalities?

Here are some common reasons why men love local escorts over those of other nationalities. There is a unique appeal about Singaporean female escorts. In fact, here is an even more in-depth post with even more information about why men love SG social escorts if you want to read more. But for now, read on first!

First of all, Singaporean girls are educated and fluent in English. Because many visitors to Singapore are actually English speaking business tourists, they want a companion and a social escort who is able to converse well in English. Thankfully in Singapore, Singaporean social escorts are all well versed and fluent in English, as it is the first language for every local Singaporean. Additionally, most Singaporean girls are highly educated as well, making them more than just a bimbo for these businessmen to hire.

Second of all, there is a somewhat accurate consensus that Singaporean girls are ‘hard to get’ in general, while Western girls are ‘easier to get’. While this is largely due to the fact that Singaporeans are much more conservative, and closed off to being approached, this serves up the impression that Singaporean girls are ‘hard to get’. And guess what? Because Singaporean girls are seemingly ‘hard to get’, it is a great feeling to be able to engage and date Singaporean social escorts, because now you can date the girls you always wanted in the past!

Third of all, Singapore girls are also generally very fair skinned and slim, something that can be difficult to find if one comes from Western countries. Most Western girls and escorts are tanned and curvy. Therefore, for the men and clients who prefer a slim and fair skinned escort, Singapore is the perfect place to be, because local social escorts are almost always slim and fair skinned!