Dog Boarding-Dog Sitting San Francisco

dog and cat together dog boarding San Francisco

Affordable Dog Boarding or Overnight Dog Sitting San Francisco

Our dog boarding or dog sitting services allow your pets to sleep in their own bed while our dog sitters stay in your home or come to our pet sitters home environment.  No cages or concrete floors.  Lots of love and attention.  Either service gives you peace of mind and your pets safe and loved!

Overnight Dog Sitting San Francisco

Our pet sitters come to your home and stay overnight for a 12 hour period.  Approximate time frames are from 7pm-7am.  They pamper your pets with 2 walks, exercise at the park or beach, feeding, play and cuddles!  Your dogs and cats can stay in their own home environment that’s familiar to them.

Additional walks or group dog park play can be added to these services during the afternoon.

We’re also offer dog sitting in Sausalito, Marin County.

Dog Sitting Rates:

$70  12 hour stay
$15   each additional dog per household
$5     additional  1-2 cats per household

Private Dog Boarding San Francisco

Leaving for a night or several weeks? Your dog will stay in one of our pet sitters homes.  Cage free with no more than 3 other dogs at a time.  Our overnight dog boarding is a great alternative to the stressful atmosphere of a kennel or boarding facility. We keep them in the “creature” comforts of our home. Your pet gets 3 outings a day, feeding, love and lots of cuddle/play time with the sitter.  They soon become part of the family!  Additional dog groups or walks can be added to this service.

Come with your pets and meet the dog sitter in their home prior to drop off so you can rest assured your pet will be in a happy, safe and comfortable surrounding.  We provide everything but food.  You’re welcome to bring personal dog beds, toys and blankies to keep your pet happy!

We’re also offering dog boarding in Sausalito, Marin County.

Dog Boarding Rates:

$70  24 hour stay
  each additional dog




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