Dog Walking San Francisco

dog with leash in mouth

Our Dog Walking Service offer Private Daily Dog Walks or Group Dog Walks

Choose one of the top dog walking companies in San Francisco!  That’s who we are and we’re happy to walk your dogs anytime you need it.

Every dog needs exercise and stimulation during the day. Our dog walkers will keep your dogs happy, socialized and exercised.

Dogs sitting inside a house all day can create lots of doggie issues!  So, see the leash in my mouth!  LETS GET WALKING!

Call 415.992.5883 or email

We offer private on leash dog walking in your neighborhood.  This dog walk is designed for dogs who need that one on one attention.  Keeping your dog SAFE and HAPPY is our number one priority!

Looking for a group dog walk?  Go to our group dog walking page for information and rates.

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Dogs crave social interaction and exercise. They love their time outside. It’s boring for a dog to sit around the house all day!  Call us today to schedule some fun affordable dog walking with our dog walkers in San Francisco!  We also offer dog walking services in Sausalito, Marin County.

Our dog walks are offered between 10-4pm weekdays and with advanced notice we do accommodate Saturday walks.  We offer individual affordable dog walks full or part time.

Minimum 3 days per week.

30 minute- $25
45 minute- $30
60 minute- $35

Add $5 each additional pet per household

Evening and Weekend Dog Walks in San Francisco

Working late or away for the weekend? We offer evening walks to 7 pm.  We also offer Saturday morning and midday walks if you’re away on vacation or business.  Our dog walkers look forward to providing a safe, fun, stimulating time outside with your dogs.
30 minutes- $30
60 minutes- $40

Add $5 for each additional pet per household

Wag More!!     Bark Less!!