Group Dog Walking San Francisco

group dog walking two dogs playing

Let the fun begin with our group dog walking  San Francisco.  We focus on small groups of dogs, no more than 6 at a time.  This pack activity will give your dogs outdoor exercise, fun and fresh air, socializing, stimulation and make them dog tired!

Treat your dog to a minimum 60 minute group dog walking or dog park adventure in an approved off-leash area.

This can be fun at a dog park, playing at the beach or hiking in the hills.  Call today and have your dogs run with the pack!  415-992-5883 or email at

We also offer 2 groups daily, hiking or dog park adventure for those dogs that just can’t get enough exercise and fun!

Dogs are social beings just like humans!  They stay healthier and happier when they’re out and about with a pack of other dogs.  They get both mental and physical exercise and come home happy and relaxed.

Your dog will have fun socializing and sniffing with other dogs who have been screened for compatibility.  Our dog walking San Francisco groups are a popular alternative to private dog walks.

For those dogs who prefer a one on one neighborhood dog walk, check out our dog walking page.  

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Group dog hikes and play groups are offered in San Francisco neighborhoods including  Pacific Heights, Laurel Heights, Hayes Valley, Castro, Cole Valley, Haight-Ashbury, Inner Mission and Inner Richmond to name a few.

We believe in keeping dogs safe and it’s our top priority!  We offer morning or afternoon group walks.  The average time out with the dogs is about 60 minutes for each group.

Group Dog Walking San Francisco Rates:
Our minimum is 3 days per week

60 minutes-dogs are out roughly 90 minutes
3x a week:  $385/mo
4x a week:  $480/mo
5x a week:  $499/mo

2 group outings-dogs are out roughly 3+ hours
3x a week:  $599/mo
4x a week:  $699/mo
5x a week:  $775/mo

Each additional pet per household add $150 to service.






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