How Much Can You Make As An Escort In Singapore?

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How much income can you be expecting to make as a social escort in Singapore?

Since many Singaporean girls are joining social escort agencies, rent-a-friend services or sugar dating websites as service provider, we have gotten James from PhunkN here to share with us some insights on how much you can expect to be making working a job as a social escort in Singapore.

In my previous post, I talked about what you need to know if you work as a social escort. In this post, let us dive more into your income potential, which I believe many of you will be highly interested in!

As a social escort working in SG, you are in one of the wealthiest cities, states and countries in the world. Additionally, Singapore is known as a hot spot for businessmen and investors. This means that lots of rich people are in Singapore at any given moment. As a result of this, there is a high demand for SG escorts.

Potential key factors for your income

As you probably can already guess, the amount you can charge is largely dependent on a few key factors:

  • Your attractiveness level
  • Your customer service
  • Demand and supply constraints

Let us assume that you are attractive and are great at escort work. Because if you have none of that, or just one of it, chances are you won’t be able to last beyond 1 day.

Therefore, the key thing now will be demand and supply constraints.

When it comes to European or South East Asian escorts, while it may not be legal always for them to work in Singapore due to manpower laws, there are lots of them in Singapore. They are soliciting for business. Therefore, the prices for them are generally lower, other than high end European escort agencies. Prices are generally the lowest for South East Asian escorts working in Singapore, followed by European escorts.

When it comes to Singaporean escorts, these usually are the most expensive. If you are a Singaporean escort, sure, you can work legally in Singapore and due to low supply of people like you, and relatively high demand, you can command high prices. Making $200 to $500 per hour is quite normal.

How many clients can you reasonably expect to see?

Some news articles or job ads write ridiculous expectations. Sure, you may make thousands of dollars per week, but can you realistically make that every single week? Let us find out more.

Assume that you take back $300 per hour from the above mentioned example. For our example, let us just assume that you only go for 1 hour appointments as a social escort in Singapore.

Next, how often are you available? Keep in mind that just because you are free at a certain time, does not mean that the client is free, and vice versa. That is something that many people leave out thinking about!

Therefore, if you are available for 5 days a week, perhaps you can get 2 to 3 clients. If that is the case, you may make an average of around $750 a week. This is approximately $3000 a month. This is realistic if you are available for a bare minimum of 5 days a week, throughout the whole day.

Can you make much more than that? Yes.

Can you make much less? Yes.

The above is probably a more realistic example if you are able to work 5 full days a week.

As mentioned above, it is heavily dependent on those 3 factors. Additionally, your availability is amazingly important.