Why Do Men Look For Social Escorts In Singapore?

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Here are some of the reasons why many men will look for a Singapore city escort from like sgvipescorts.com/ and skokka.com.

Men who are super busy look for escorts in Singapore

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First and foremost, many of these men who are clients of Singapore escorts are basically highly successful, yet very time crunched men. They are most definitely not your run of the mill sleazy uncles which many Singaporeans may have in mind. These are real men who are often holding either Vice President or higher positions in a corporation, or entrepreneurs. Due to their heavy focus on careers, they barely have any time for socializing and all. Therefore, they are unable to date in a conventional sense, because of their time crunched schedule. Therefore, these successful men simply date social escorts. This is largely because of the lack of requirement for commitment unlike a normal love relationship, and the on demand nature of the service which suits these busy schedules of these clients.

Divorced men who do not want any more dating hassles and only want no strings attached relationships

Second of all, some of these men may have been married before, but are now divorced. They are perhaps older, and jaded with the thought of dating all over again, especially with strings attached. Therefore, some of these men in Singapore turn to escorts as a form of dating with no strings attached. That is why there is such a big overlap between the reasons why men become sugar daddies as well as why they look for social escorts. It is both ways for them to get companionship without the emotional or too much financial strings attached.

Older men may find it easier to simply meet social escorts in Singapore

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Third of all, some men have been single their whole life, and intend to remain so. However, since some of these men are a little older, in their late 30s or 40s, they may not be able to easily walk into a bar and pick up a 20 something year old Singaporean lady. This is because most of these girls in Singapore will probably automatically assume that the guy is already married or attached or simply too much older than them, and not give them any attention. If a man wishes to overcome this issue, then he can easily look for a social escort in Singapore. Problem solved!

Singapore Escorts Versus Sugar Babies – Which Is Better?

While you are strongly urged to simply hire a Singapore call girl if you want something that has no strings attached, there are still benefits and disadvantages to both escorts and sugar babies. Here are some of the differences between escorts and sugar babies in Singapore.

If you are a man looking for a no strings attached relationship, you will be better off with escorts. The way that most escorts operate in Singapore is that they work for a large and local agency. They will then be dispatched out to their clients, such as you. Upon the ending time of the meeting, they will then leave with no traces. On the other hand with sugar babies, if you do not get a professional one who does not understand the meaning of no strings attached, they may pester you. In fact, some of them may try to get into a long term relationship with you once they know you have money! However, escorts simply work as social escorts in Singapore as their job, so there are no such concerns when it comes to them. Therefore, if a no strings attached condition is most important to you, then pick escorts instead over sugar babies.

If you do not have lots of free time, going through an agency to look for escorts is your better option. This is because you can simply let them know your preferences, details and they will then allocate a suitable girl for you. They will do the searching for you. However, if you have more free time, then you can explore options like sugar babies, where you can spend hours daily to scour for whom you want.

Third of all, are you intending to meet the girl very often? If so, then going for a sugar baby is definitely the wiser choice financially. This is because most sugar babies agree to a monthly fee in exchange for their companionship. Escorts charge per hour or by the day at maximum. This means that if you want to meet your desired girl frequently, then sugar dating is your best option. If you do not intend to meet her so frequently, or prefer meeting different girls over a period of time, then going for social escorts is your better option.

Working A Social Escort Job In Singapore – All You Must Know

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Here are some of the things you will be interested in knowing when you work a social escort job in Singapore.

To start off this blog, we needed some information and good content for our readers – you!

So, after reaching out to number of people, we finally had a positive response, and re-packaged it into a nice blog post.

The following is information from an ex-escort, Monica (name changed on request of interviewee) who is a local Singaporean girl.

We had adapted her responses into a normal blog article format for easy reading for the potential applicant in Singapore!

Expected income (realistically for the average Singaporean escort)

This can vary largely, and depends mainly on a few key factors:

  • Are you willing to meet any type of clients? Those who accept all ages and races will make significantly more money (think at least thousands) than those who are picky.
  • If you had to pick, will you pick going for a social escort job over chilling or meeting family or friends? If yes, you stand a true chance at being financially successful. Those who are half hearted usually give up halfway or do not even bother applying. Only those willing to go the distance will make a lot of money.
  • How long to make up and travel to appointments? The faster you can travel, the more jobs you can pick up.
  • Your age unfortunately matters. Most clients prefer younger escorts.
  • Local Chinese escorts are usually highest in demand. If you are non Singaporean Chinese, you may want to lower your own expectations. Also, because most clients who are Chinese are usually wealthier, the Chinese escorts are able to get away with charging more.

As you can tell, the expected income for an average Singaporean escort is usually $1000 to $2000 a month. The reason for that is because most escorts only make around $1000 a month, while a small handful makes well over $5000 a month easily.

If you are willing to work, you can aim for $2000 to $5000 a month cash. If you are willing to go all out and sacrifice all personal time, you can make more than that.

Amount of commitment / work hours required

Obviously, the more you commit, the more potential income you can be earning as a social escort in Singapore. Some of the escorts working in Singapore are students or office ladies, and so their availabilities are usually quite fixed. Some are salespeople or self employed and have more free time. The key to earning more is simply putting in more time into your appointments!

Joining registered versus random ‘websites’ or ‘agencies’

This is an important one. I recommend that you stick only to registered ones. While you can work with ‘random’ or ‘non-registered’ websites, they tend to get shut down or caught by the police for illegal business activities. This can happen quite often, and you may be required to hop around.

If you can find a legit, registered agency (cross check with ACRA Bizfile), then work with them, provided they get you jobs as well.

Joining a reputable and registered agency is crucial if you want your earnings to be stable.

What does registered website or agency mean in the context of this?

It means that the company actually has an official registered presence with the government. While that alone does not necessarily make it legal, most companies that go through this process are usually more legit.

How will you deal with potential loss of privacy?

The only and greatest way to deal with this is to only work with registered (with the government) agencies as mentioned in the previous segment.

How old are average clients?

Most clients are between 30 to 50. There is an occasional young 20s guy, and an older 60s guy. They are pretty rare.

Can you pick clients?

The successful ones do not. Think about it, it is just like any other job. If Prada only sold handbags to Caucasian, would they be half as successful as today? No.

Are bookings mostly last minute requests or advance bookings?

The reality is that most clients are quite ridiculous with their timing requests. Most of them expect the girls to be ‘on call’ and appear whenever they want.

However, if you can actually do that, you will make unbelievable amounts in a short period of time, forever. Think Hermes level of successful. Louis Vuitton will be beneath you if you can do this.

*Bonus advice from Monica to new applicants:

Do not apply for an escort job in Singapore if making money is your only motivation. Unless you can constantly deal with people you hate or cannot stand the sight of, do not apply. Being a female escort is not suitable for every girl who looks good and wants to make money – or everyone can become successful. There’s a reason only why a few become successful.

There will be clients you love, and there will be clients you hate. Regardless, you will still be required to pretend as the client’s girlfriend even if the guy makes you want to literally puke. Unless you can deal with every type of guy, and money is not your only motivation to work as a social escort, you should not apply for a job.

Any other questions? Let us know in the comments below!

So there you have it! A rather comprehensive guide for Singaporean girls looking to be social escorts.

What do you think? Do you have any additional questions? Let us know in the comment section below!